All our English language programs can be booked with homestay accommodation. Homestay means you will be staying with a British family throughout your academic studies. International British College (IBC) is working hard to provide the best host families to the students and ensure compatibility. All our host families undergo numerous selection criteria to be accepted. IBC’s main expectation of the host families is to treat students like members of their family. Students in their turn often find family life in Fethiye similar to their own country.
The main advantage of staying with a host family is that you not only get an opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture of the UK, but also get used to different accents common for Great Britain and Ireland.

What to expect:
1. Full board accommodation (3 meals a day – breakfast & dinner + lunch at college on Mondays and Fridays; 3 meals a day with a Host Family on Saturday & Sunday)
2. A clean and comfortable place to stay;
3. Your own bed and storage place for personal items;
4. Accommodation within proximity to school;

International British College (IBC) is able to provide short and long stay accommodation depending on your preference.

Host Families are of different backgrounds, some of them are retired, whereas others are families with children.

Rita Russo
Rita Russo has been a host mother for IBC for 3 years. She truly cares about her students’ well being and overall progress. She loves her current student and they have very warm relationship.

”His progress is wonderful. He came to me as a boy, but will be going back to Libya as a man,”- she says.


Most students prefer to use bicycles to get to school. Another option are minibuses that are frequent and cover all main local routes.

Elaine Hunter
Elaine Hunter finds hosting students a rewarding experience. She likes helping them not only with their studies, but teaching them the English culture as well.

”My student is a very pleasant and friendly, his English is very good, some things he does not understand, so I will explain to him. Also I try to learn him English culture, he also is very interested to learn. We also talk about family and what we have been doing over the weekend what he has been doing at school how my day was. I do also have friends around, so I do think that helps as he does get involved in the conversation.”