International British College (IBC Turkey) is a private learning centre that specialises in delivering English language programs for academic and professional goals.

We work closely with the countries of the Arab World, Libya and Turkey in particular. We have strong overseas connections with reputable institutions, universities and educational bodies in Great Britain and the USA.

Our priority is to provide people with the skills they need to have a successfull career and academic life in today’s global community.

Mission & Recognition
At IBC we aim at growing unique individuals of the 21st century. Our Mission is to provide an international learning platform through which learners are prepared academically and professionally to positively impact the market and contribute to the advancement of the 21st century. It is our responsibility to create a safe and positive learning environment, facilitate the learning process for people who still haven’t had this opportunity.

If you are currently in high school, and you have no idea what you want to pursue as a career, and you feel you do not have the required skills to start your life, career or academic journey, you have absolutely no reason to fear. Here at IBC you are in the right place!

International British College (IBC) works in partnership with a wide range of institutions in Great Britain and the USA and complies with the rules and regulations of the Ministry of National Education of Turkey. IBC is administered from Great Britain by a Board of Directors who have spent over 15 years working with the countries from all over the world including the Arab and Far East regions in terms of knowledge transfer and education development.

Location & Campus
International British College (IBC) is located in Fethiye, Turkey which is considered a second home for the British people with almost 2500 Brits live in it. Our campus is right on the waterfront in a picturesque area in a charming harbour town of Fethiye. Our students will enjoy plenty of coffee shops and a promenade for the morning and evening walks. Fethiye boasts centuries of ancient history, lush green countryside, pristine bays, peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

International British College (IBC) is a 3-storey modern building with nice sea views that open out from the upper terrace. On the second and first floors there are light and spacious classrooms equipped with an air conditioning system, white board and slideshow facilities. There is a canteen with homemade meals from fresh local ingredients on the same level.

Our facility at IBC has 7 classrooms which can take 64 students at any one time. We can run 5 programmes over 1 week, so we can take a maximum of 320 students over a 14 -15 week period. That is more than 1000 – 1100 students over a year.

International British College (IBC)’s campus is located within 1 h drive from Dalaman International Airport. There is a 24h taxi service nearby, and a minibus station within walking distance from college premises.